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The operating company set up a "Lianxin Lecture Hall"

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Promoting the wind of Bet365 app downloadintegrity for innovation,Continue to create a strong atmosphere of the high -profile affairs,Operating companies use the help ofCultural Propaganda Education Month,YuEstablished on May 24"Lianxin Lecture Hall",Promote the company's discipline learning and education further.、Enter the mind。

The first lesson of the "Lianxin Lecture Hall" specially invited Professor Li Chunlai of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee to "strengthen disciplinary education,Strengthening Disciplinary Execution "as the theme,brought a wonderful special lecture to all party members Bet365 betting websiteand cadres。Professor Li deeply analyzed the meaning of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"、Theme and other important contents,Guide the majority of party members and cadres to deeply understand the importance of party discipline construction,Mastering the Discipline and Ideological Ethics Defense。

In the future, operation companyIt will better play the role of the "Integrity Lecture Hall" in the education of integrity culture,Fully provide promotion to the company's party members and cadresSelf -cultivation、Enhanced bet365 live casino and sports bettingdiscipline awareness、A high -quality learning platform for strengthening the concept of the rule of law。(Operating Company)

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