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Kuaelu Group Party Volunteer Unite and Shuixin Community Party Branch to carry out charity Mother's Day activities

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There is me with a strong city,Charity counterpart。May 11th,Quick Lu Group Party Volunteer Unite and Shuixin Community Party Branch launched a warm and meaningful charity Mother's Day event。

Activity site,Volunteers cook the non -heritage products of Wenzhou for elderly and disadvantaged groups — Wenzhou Dahuo,Delicious and fragrant food and warm and thoughtful services make community residents praise。At the same time,In order to deeply popularize food safety knowledge,Further improve the level of food safety knowledge in community Bet365 app downloadbet365 live casino reviewresidents,Volunteers distribute the food safety knowledge leaflet,How to propagate with easy -to -understand language how to properly keep saving quick -frozen foods、Storage of rice grain and oil、The influence of MSG on physical health and other knowledge,Contributing fast deer for food safety entering the community。

Future,Quick Deer Group will continue to play a leading role in party building,Take voluntary service as the starting point,Guided by the needs of the masses,Actively carry out caring for the elderly、Love breakfast and other series of charity bet365 live casino reviewBet365 betting websitepublic welfare activities,Contribute food for helping "Strong City Action"。(Quick Deer Group)

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