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Dongyu Power Plant applies for the National Industrial Heritage Project to check the on -site inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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Dongyu Power Plant Industrial Heritage,Witness as an industrial civilization、The carrier of industrial culture,Important responsibilities carrying historical memory and cultural heritage,Economic Protection and Development,Dongyu Power Plant, which was originally developed in the development of the times, is standing on the banks of the Tanghe River,Blooming Times Fenghua。

Bet365 betting websiteAccording to the "Administrative Measures for the State Industrial Heritage", the provisions of the identification procedure,June 5,On -site inspection team of the National Industrial Heritage Site of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a team conducted on -site inspection of the Dongyu Power Plant Industrial Heritage Application Project for the expert review。The first -level director of the production and service industry of the Provincial Economic and Information Department,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong,Member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau、Ding Jianzhong, chief engineer,and City、The relevant person in charge of the two levels of the sutra departments of the district accompanied and introduced the situation。

At the symposium,The inspection team listened to the history of the History of Dongyu Power Plant、Save the status Bet365 app downloadquo、Protection and utilization、Special reports in related work mechanisms。Subsequent,In -depth Energy Museum and Industrial Heritage Exhibition Hall,On -site checking the status of the core object of the inheritance and the implementation of the protection and utilization measures,and review the relevant certificates and documents。The inspection team has respected the original structure and layout of the Dongyu Power Plant for the Municipal Industry and Energy Group、Pay attention to retaining the original characteristics of the inheritance and the efforts of the historical style, give full affirmation,I agree that the group's protection and utilization and management measures for industrial heritage are in place,For the power plantUnit No. 4 and its main affiliated equipment and core video is stored complete,Agree to check on the spot,Howse Group can promote the project to Zhejiang and even nationwide,Provides new models and new benchmarks for the reconstruction and protection Bet365 app downloadof modern industrial heritage。

The protection and development of industrial heritage is complicated and full of challenges,Not only a tribute and interpretation of industrial history,It is also a nostalgia and continuation of human emotions。Municipal Industry and Energy Group will always adhere to ingenuity,Organic combination of attention to inheritance and development and utilization,In -depth excavation of the historical value and cultural connotation of the industrial heritage of Dongyu Power Plant,赓 Continuous industrial historical context,Let Dongyu Power Plant Industrial Heritage really become a new landmark of cultural tourism。(Zhejiang Ou Company)

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