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Group Union Wenzhou Design Group held a new company law tax -related knowledge training meeting

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To further improve the professionalism of financial personnel,Timely mastering bet365 live casino and bet365 live slot machinesports bettingthe latest financial theoretical knowledge,May 30,Group joint Wenzhou Design Group jointly organized the "New Company Law and the Impact on Finance and Tax" special training meeting,More than 70 people participated。

The content of this training includes the vertical legal person's personality denying system、Changes in shareholders' capital capital、Changes of shareholders' funding methods,To the partner of the same accounting firm Shao Jianwen through in -depth explanation of the potential impact of the new company law on the fiscal and taxation field,Provides forward bet365 live casino reviewBet365 betting website-looking guidance for the fiscal and tax management of each unit。

Through this training,The majority of financial personnel have a deeper understanding of the main changes of the new company law and their impact on the fiscal and taxation field,It also provides a useful reference and revelation for corporate finance and tax management。Future,Group Finance Department will continue to keep close contact with external professional institutions,Together to improve the standardization and professionalization of corporate financial and tax management。(Group Finance Department)

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