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Wenzhou Wood Group Co., Ltd., which belongs to Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group, about Wenzhou Traffic Broadcast、Economic Broadcast Advertising Project Procurement Agency Pickup results

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According to the relevant provisions of the "Management Measures for the Procurement Agency of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. (Trial)",Wenzhou Wood Group Co., Ltd.、Economic Broadcast Advertising Project randomly extracts three procurement agencies in Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group's procurement agency library and organizes quotations。

        1. Random extraction and quotation results are as follows:




Zhejiang Dingli Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

6000 yuan


Wenzhou Dezhen Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

7000 yuan


Wenzhou Construction bet365 live casino reviewEngineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

8000 yuan


       2. Public announcement period:3 working days。During the publicity period,Any unit or individual if there is an objection to the results of the procurement agency's extraction results,Reflect to Wenzhou Wood Group Co., Ltd. in writing。

3, contact and contact number

Contact: Mr. Jin

Contact number: 0577-56619232

Supervision Department: Discipline Inspection Office of Wenzhou Wood Group Co., Ltd.

Contact information:0577-88771072

Wenzhou Wood Group Co., Ltd.


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According to the work requirements of deepening the reform of municipal enterprises in Wenzhou,2020Year1month,Wenzhou Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is renamed Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Municipal Industry and Energy Group or Group),Registered capital50billion yuan。Group also hangs Wenzhou handicraft cooperatives United Society brand。

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