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Professor of Zhejiang University、Yang Hui, Executive Deputy Dean of the California International Nano Technology Research Institute, investigated Wenzhou Gongmei E -commerce Live Center

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May 28,Professor of Zhejiang University、Yang Hui, Executive Deputy Dean of the California International Institute of Technology, went to Wenzhou Gongmei E -commerce Bet365 app downloadLive bet365 live casino reviewCenter for field investigation。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Nan Qi accompanied。

The research team visited the 2023 "Gongmei Emerging" masterpiece exhibition、瓯 Kiln Celadon Figure Work Exhibition、Elected Arts and Crafts Selection Area and other areas,In -depth understanding of the work results of the live broadcast center in Wenzhou's arts and crafts protection and inheritance,and the current Wenzhou arts and crafts marketization、Industrialization development and construction,Express the efforts of the center in the center of talent training and technical inheritance。

bet365 live casino and sports bettingAt the symposium,Gongmei Academy Company bet365 live casino and sports bettingintroduced in detail the innovation development project of the arts and crafts industry,Share the shortcomings of the manufacturing manufacturing of the Yao kiln industry in Wenzhou、Strategy to create a complete industrial chain。For"Creation of Chinese Arts and Crafts" and other work,Nanqi emphasized: the company must put aside the traditional restraint,Leading the development of arts and crafts with technology,Comprehensive improvement of the production process and quality of driving the kiln in scientific and technological innovation。

For future cooperation,The two sides hope to use the integration and bet365 live slot machineinnovation of traditional ceramic bet365 live casino reviewart and modern technology,Provide technical support for the creation of the "Capital of Chinese Arts and Crafts",Make greater contributions to the modernization of traditional 瓯 kiln culture。(Gongmei Academy Company)

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