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The Group held a party committee theoretical learning center group (enlarged) learning meeting

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May 23,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong presided over the meeting of the party committee theoretical learning center group (enlarged) meeting,Interpretation of the new "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Learning data industry related knowledge。Vice Dean of the School of Marxist College of Wenzhou University、Professor Wu Zhimin,Zhang Xiang, deputy general manager of Wenzhou Data Management Development Group Co., Ltd., was invited to make special sharing。

Meeting to point out,The Regulations are an important basic regulations in managing the party to govern the party,The majority of party members and cadres must further deepen the grasp and understanding bet365 live casino reviewof Bet365 app downloadthe Regulations,According to the discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Defense requirements,Effectively engraved the rules and regulations in the heart,Internalization into words and deeds。To strengthen disciplinary learning,Enhance the political consciousness of responsibility; increase the strength of discipline and discipline,Enhance the ideas of "three non -rot"; strengthen supervision and really dry,Action consciousness that enhances long -time merit。

Conference emphasized,As an important state -owned enterprise that promotes the development of digital economy in Wenzhou,Speed ​​up the digital development of enterprises,Improve computer foundation、Artificial Intelligence and other business knowledge related to the data industry,"Digital Channel" to open up new productive forces is very critical。Pay attention to the significance of digital transformation,Digital transformation as a transformation to improve traditional kinetic energy、Cultivate new kinetic energy、Important means to accelerate the development of new quality。

Conference requirements: First, improve political standing,Grasp the target requirements。All party organizations must earnestly bear the political responsibility of comprehensively and bet365 live casino and sports bettingbet365 live casino reviewstrictly governing the party,Accurately grasp the goal requirements of party discipline learning and education,Carefully grasp the study and implementation of the Regulations; party members and leading cadres must take the lead in receiving party discipline constraints,Be benchmark for strict self -discipline,For the high -quality development of the enterprise, it is a stable and a long -keeping escort。The second is to grasp key variables,Take the key path。To give full play to the doctoral innovation station、Double Division Base and other platforms function,Digital products that develop independent core competitiveness,Focus on promoting the development of digital wisdom application scenarios;,Reinforcement data asset combing,Do a good job of data market connection,Help Wenzhou data element marketization construction。Third is to develop the main body of development,Peiyou Development Ecology。Deepen digital transformation,Create a talent with talent as the core,Trees are the concept of the first resource,Increase the intensity to lead the talent,Focus on the development of the industrial development shortcomings、New Energy Industry、Digital economy and other group key development sectors,Do a good job bet365 live casino reviewof Bet365 app downloadthe group's human resources full planning to build a penetrating selection、employment、Education、Effective closed loop of the full chain of people。Fourth is the forward -looking plan,Adapt to local conditions。We must adhere to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of advantageous industries,Actively plan to promote the construction of the modern industrial system; vigorously develop the digital economy,Give full play to the computing center in the computing power、Technology and other advantages,Promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy; we must continue to promote the development of "nuclear landscape water storage hydrogen storage" full chain,Vigorously develop smart photovoltaic、Maritime Wind Power、Energy storage industry,Accelerate the creation of a national new energy capacity center and application demonstration city; to play the leading role of the "one port and five valleys",See data security、High points such as artificial intelligence and other industrial systems;,Accelerate the construction of the mold、Forging casting and other basic industrial parks,Comprehensively improve the level of advanced industrial foundation,bet365 live casino and sports bettingBet365 betting websiteConsolidate the foundation of new quality productivity development。(Group Party and Mass Work Department)

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