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Wenzhou Gongmei Live E -commerce special recruitment fair appears at Wenzhou bet365 live casino reviewInstitute of Technology

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May 29,Wenzhou bet365 live casino reviewInstitute of Technology and the Gongmei Academy jointly organized the Gongmei live broadcast e -commerce special job fair。Wenzhou Gongmei E -commerce Live Center was quiltWenzhou bet365 live casino reviewInstitute of Technology awarded the "Cross -border E -commerce Live Training Intern Base", "Language Promotion Practice Base", "Practical Teaching Base", "School -Enterprise Party Construction Federation Practice Base" honorary title。

At a special recruitment lecture,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Wenzhou Institute of Economics and Management Yu Haoji,Briefly introduced the school's teaching situation and their education work highlights,and send out the students present, "Struggle is the brightest background of youth,To actively respond to the assembly number of the "strong city action '" Wenzhou "Strong City Bet365 betting websitebet365 live casino reviewAction"。The person in charge of the Gongmei Academy Company used the "craftsmanship,The Future of Cultural and Creative "is the theme,Briefly introduced the long history of Wenzhou's "Chinese Crafts Capital",I hope that Guangda graduates enter the employee's American e -commerce live broadcast center for temperature and entrepreneurs,Start the journey of dreaming together。

This recruitment fair will be accurately connected with talents and posts,It also strengthened and promoted the arts and crafts culture of Wenzhou,further deepened the public’s sense of recognition of traditional culture。Future,The live broadcast center will further deepen the integration mechanism bet365 live casino and sports bettingBet365 betting websiteof education and production,Optimize school -enterprise cooperation,Promote more students to keep temperature for employment and entrepreneurship,Contributing to the "Double Wan" city for Wenzhou sprint。(Gongmei Academy Company)

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