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Zhejiang University Biological System Engineering and Food Science Institute Professor Tie Jin investigated Kuaulu Group

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5month28Day, Zhejiang University Biological System Engineering and Food Sciences Academy of Biological System Engineering and Food SciencesProfessorLering the team to investigate Kuailu Group。Hu Liang, President of the Wenzhou Alumni Association of Zhejiang University、Secretary of the branch Chi Changrong accompanied the research。

The research team visited the company's exhibition hall and the first line of the quick -frozen food factory workshop,I heard the company's basic situation、Development of the sales of the revolution and the main products,and understand the production process and processing process of different quick -frozen products。,Everyone around corporate technology innovation and product research and development bet365 live slot machineBet365 app downloadneeds、Promote the establishment of a joint research and development institution、Carry out school -enterprise cooperation and interaction of industry -university -research、In -depth exchanges for joint technology researchThe research team has flourished for more than 60 years of Kuasu Group,and the popularity and recognition in Wenzhou are given a high degree of evaluation,and rightProduct research and development、Features creation、Specifications such as Zengtuo sales channels。

This event will further promote the school -enterprise cooperation between Kuaulu Group and Zhejiang University,bet365 live casino reviewHelp enterprise transform Bet365 betting websitehigh -quality development。(Quick Deer Group)

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