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Deputy Mayor Mao Yanqiang led a team to investigate Wenzhou Intelligent Comegrated Center

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To accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence computing power,On the morning of May 28th, Deputy Mayor Mao Xiangqiang and his partyOn -site surveyBet365 app downloadWenzhou Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, learn more aboutProjectOverall planning, layout constructionWenzhouSecretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Industry and bet365 live casino reviewEnergy Bet365 app downloadGroup、Chairman Zhu Zurong accompaniedResearch

Mao Yanqiang fully affirmed the construction results of the Wenzhou Intelligent Counterbody Center,Point out at the same time,Bet365 app downloadWenzhou Artificial Intelligence computing power construction、Development、Industry is in the cultivation period,There is a gap compared with advanced cities and large intellectual centers,Institute of construction and operation still needs to increase the force:

First, we must seize the greater opportunity in the in -depth docking.To continue to focusThe operation of the Wenzhou Intelligent Comegrated Center,Effective use of intellectual computing resources,Actively docking the enterprise、University and other computing users,Application of the artificial intelligence industry,Ensure the sustainable development of the intellectual calculation center。

bet365 live casino reviewSecond, we must make greater breakthroughs in collaborative cooperation.To give full play to the advantages of the state -owned enterprise platform of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group,Effective use of energy -powered and power plant energy,Continue to advance cooperation with the "East Digital and West Calculation" node with Guiyang City,Ensure that the construction of 1000P construction of the second phase of the intellectual computing center from the intensive consciousness。

Third, we must show a greater actions on the deep plan。To deepen the city's computing power layout,Active docking policy,Effective natalization of intellectual computing resources,Combined with Wenzhou's actual industrial application,Construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios,Draw a new picture of Wenzhou Industry and Digital Economy Transformation。

Bet365 app downloadWenzhou Artificial Intelligence Computing Center is from Wenzhou Industry and Energy GroupgenusSubsidiaryWenzhou CityData GroupInvestment construction,ProjectPhase I100p has been released on May 18,Phase I will start construction within the year,After completion, it will become the computing power and storage hub of Jiangdong, northern Fujian, southern Zhejiang,Empowerment with the integration of artificial intelligence and industry as a strong city,Help Wenzhou's digital economy industry energy lifting upgrade、High -quality​​QuantityDevelopment. (Industry Corporation)

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