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Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group and Wenzhou University School of Construction and Engineering signed the establishment of a doctoral and energy technology doctor innovation station for industrial and energy technology

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5month23afternoon,WenzhouCity Industry and Energy GroupSameWenzhouCollege of University of Construction EngineeringSigned the establishment of a doctoral and energy technology doctor innovation station bet365 live casino reviewbet365 live casino reviewfor the establishment of industry and energy technology. The college assigned Liu Jun at the same timeDr. inGroup engagementRelated researchhelp enterprises' healthy and sustainable development.

At the meeting, Zhu Zurong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the GroupI introduced the basic situation of the group. hePoint outDoctor Innovation StationEstablishment, forThe introduction of high -end talents of the group provides a guarantee,contributed to the group's development of wisdom,In the future, it will focus on solving engineering technical problems in the development processHe said,Dr. Youth has ideas and impulses,Must beFor Groupstronger to do excellenceInject fresh innovation motivationto further promote enterprise industry technologyUpgrade.

Member of the Party Committee bet365 live casino reviewof Wenzhou University, Bet365 betting websiteWang Jun, Dean of the School of Construction EngineeringIntroduction to collegeBasicSituation,Focus on reporting the college in the super soft soil engineering technology、The outstanding results achieved in the research direction of traffic voltage and intelligent monitoring characteristics。He said,Doctor Innovation Station with"Introduction Talent、Introduction Technology、docking industry、Promoting Development "is the purpose,Create -building cooperation with Dr. Youth and Local Platform、Technical research,Effectively solve the technology of lack of local platform development bottlenecks、Difficulties in lack of talents。

Liu Jun made a statement,It means that follow -up will be combined with the research method, insist onSeeking truth from facts,bet365 live casino and sports bettingFurther in -depth excavation of the project's key difficultiesQuestion,Put forward a specific solution,RealImproveDoctor Innovation StationFortress height, promote the transformation of innovation and scientific and technological achievements in production, research, research and research, fully promote the high -quality development of enterprises

Liu Qingsong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Construction Engineering, Wenzhou University,Vice Dean Guo Lin,Dr. Ni Junfeng,Ding Mingli, deputy general manager of Wenzhou Industry and Energy Group, and related personnel attended the meeting。(Energy Company)

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According to the work requirements of deepening bet365 live casino and sports bettingmunicipal state -owned bet365 live slot machineenterprise reform in Wenzhou,2020Year1month,Wenzhou Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is renamed Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Municipal Industry and Energy Group or Group),Registered capital50billion yuan。The Group also hangs Wenzhou Handicraft Industry Cooperative United Society Brand。

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