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Wenzhou Data Group unveiled and established

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May 18,"Dujiang Theory and Number of China" 2024 Data Security Development Conference opened in Wenzhou grandly,Wenzhou Data Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wenzhou Data Group) officially unveiled at the conference。Bet365 betting websiteMao Yanqiang, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government、Zhu Zurong, chairman of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group, unveiled the Wenzhou Data Group。

Wenzhou Data Group is from Wenzhou Industrial and Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.、Wenzhou Big Data Operation Co., Ltd.、Wenzhou Data Management Development Group Co., Ltd. three companies merged and reorganized,Its functional positioning is to build data infrastructure、Stimulate data element potential、Guarantee data security、Layout data industry,It is mainly responsible for the construction operation and industrial strategic investment of major data infrastructure in Wenzhou City、Public data first Bet365 app downloaddevelopment、Operation and operation and operation of key platforms、Coordinated data element market construction、Build a network and data security guarantee system,Assistance to carry out the professional operation of China (Wenzhou) Digital Security Port,Promote the high -quality development of the city's data industry。

Future,Wenzhou Data Group will build a "one nuclear and three -wheel drive" development model on the basis of the existing business segments of the three companies,With major data infrastructure construction and operation and industrial strategic investment as the core,Drive data security、Data elements、Three business directions of artificial Bet365 app downloadintelligence,Promoting public data management、Data value mining、Network information security guarantee、Development of artificial intelligence industry,Create intelligence for Wenzhou、Security、Efficient data ecology,Help city digital transformation and industrial upgrade。(Industrial Information Company)

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