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Municipal Industry and Energy Group held a 2024 -year safety production work meeting

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In order to thoroughly implement the series of speeches and instructions of General Secretary Jinping's work safety work,In the afternoon of April 2,Municipal Industry and Energy Group held a 2024 -year safety production work meeting。The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong attended the meeting and made an important speech,Qiu Ruilin, deputy general manager of the group chaired the meeting。The main person in charge of the departments of bet365 live casino and sports bettingthe group,The main person in charge of each subsidiary、Leadership in charge of safety work、The person in charge of the Ministry of Safety Office and the security officer,A total of more than 60 people attended the meeting。

Meeting,Wood Group、Switching Company、Operation Company、Flour Company made a exchange speech,Group and subsidiaries signed the 2024 safety production responsibility letter,and commend the outstanding unit of the 2023 safety production work assessment。Qiu Ruilin deployed in detail the key tasks of production safety in 2024,and put forward four requirements: First, pay attention to the understanding of ideas and then pay attention to,The second is to deepen in hidden dangers and then deepen,Third, it is necessary to be strict in training and education,Fourth, we must take it seriously in work advance。

Zhu Zurong fully affirmed the results achieved by each subsidiary in the past year,and emphasize bet365 live casino reviewfour requirements for the Group's safety production work in 2024: First,,Press the main responsibility of the main body of production safety。Construct a safe production management system,Incorporate the responsibilities of production safety into the production and operation process of the enterprise,Make sure that the safety work is strict、Deep、Do fine、Doing really。Second, the benchmark and the table,Fully deepen the investigation and control of hidden safety hazards。Relying on safety risk grading control and hidden danger investigation and control measures,Continuous refinement list,Focus on the field of key difficulties,In -depth investigation of hidden dangers,Deepen the implementation of closed -loop governance。Three must be quality and quantity,Fully carry out emergency self -rescue mission training。Actively organize a series of activities such as "Safety Production bet365 live slot machineMonth",Strengthening emergency drills and safety professional team construction,Further enhances employees' should be known and self -protection ability。Four to play steadily,Three -year action to promote the tackling of the base。AroundThe annual rectification of risk hidden dangers"work goals, coordinated development and security,Implementation"source defense、Civil defense、Technical Defense、Engineering defense、Management Defense "various measures,Fully improve risk management and control、hidden danger renovation、Emergency escape ability,Ensure that the group's safety production situation continues to stabilize and improves。(Group Reform and Stability Department)

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