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Municipal Industry and Energy Group held a meeting of the Party Committee theoretical Learning Center (expanded) meeting to convey the spirit of the two nationwide conferences and the city's related conferences

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In the afternoon of March 14,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong presided over the meeting of the party committee theoretical learning center group (enlarged) meeting,Drives the Second Session of the 14th National People's Congress、The spirit of the second session of the 14th CPPCC,and the city's leading cadre meeting、The spirit of the fourth plenary meeting of the city government。Member of the Party Committee of the Group,All middle -level cadres attended the meeting。

Meeting to point out,This year is the key year Bet365 betting websitefor the deepening of state -owned enterprises' reforms and promotion.、Year of the tackling,The group must firmly grasp the primary task of high -quality development,"Don't fight at this time、When will you wait more? ",Fully strive for the economy、Promoting strong city、Raming foundation、Strong Party Construction,Make sure to surrender "full red、Comprehensive Red、All year Red "high score report,Strive for practical results to compose a new chapter of the Group's high -quality leapfrog development。

How to do a good job of the Group's recent key work,The meeting emphasized: First, we must improve the execution of execution。Effectively study the spirit of learning, propaganda and implementation,As an important political task for the present and in the future,Deepen the big study、Publicity、Big implementation,Resolutely transform the various goals and tasks involved in the group into specific ideas、Specific measures,With "brave compete first、Strong execution、Opening the New Bureau "'s courage and ability,constantly condense up and implement it、steady and orderly、The powerful power of the brave tide。Second。Promoting the Wenzhou bet365 live slot machineIntelligent Counterbody Center Project at full speed,Make sure to build the first phase of the project before May 18,Help Wenzhou to build the computing power and storage hub of northern Fujian, southern Fujian, southern Fujian, southern Fujian; step up the project of Ruian Energy Collection Station,Make sure to be put into production in 2025,Fully build a leading international and domestic power infrastructure project; make every effort to promote the "Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Template Park Project,Strive to be included in the "National Industrial Heritage",Stepped the research and practice education base of primary and secondary school students in the city,Help the inheritance and revival of Wenzhou Millennium Doucheng。Third, enhance competitiveness in reform and innovation。steady and orderly、High -quality and efficient implementation of this round of state -owned enterprise deepening reform work,Through integrated decentralized resources,Use a good advantage platform,better realize 1+1 & gt; 2; everywhere do everything to do a good job of activating and de -efficient assets,Registered and distributed for the multi -financing Bet365 betting websitetools,Stable participation in equity investment,Accelerate the research and development of high value -added products,Further realize the cost of increasing costs and increased efficiency; give full play to the brand effect of the "Capital of Chinese Arts and Crafts",Further innovative talent、Marketing、Industry、AC platform,Accelerate the implementation of the kiln industrialization project,Continue to promote Wenzhou Arts and Crafts Life in inheritance and innovation、Fashion、Young。Fourth to improve cohesion in the leadership of party building。In -depth promotion of comprehensive and strict governance of the party,System Construction "1+N" party building brand matrix,Firmly form a deep integration of party building and production and operation of state -owned enterprises、The benign development trend of two -way improvement; the whole chain runs through the selection of talents and cadres、Education、Tube、Use、Love,Release cadre mission value in full cycle,Leading the group's "10,000 Malaysia Pentium" with the cadre's "one horse first"; strictly implement the "3030" hidden danger closed -loop control mechanism,One with the bet365 live casino and sports bettingproduction safety、Letters and visits stability and other work,Strive to seize the "nine consecutive excellent",Help Ping An Wenzhou Construction。(Group Office)

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