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Municipal Industry and Energy Group held 2023 annual performance assessment and 2024 work office

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For a comprehensive review and summarize the work effectiveness of the past year,In -depth planning of the current and future work ideas,January 15,Municipal Industry and Energy Group held 2023 annual performance assessment and 2024 work office。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong made a deployment speech,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Nan Qi presided over the meeting。Group leaders,All middle -level cadres attended the meeting。

will be on,Each sub -company、The main person in charge of each department is closely focusing on the annual key work goals,In a condensed language、Detailed data shows the effectiveness and characteristic highlights of the year's work,Analyze the existing bet365 live slot machineproblems and deficiencies,and do it wellMind and countermeasures in 2024 work。Group leadership team combined with their respective divisions、Work of contact unit,Objective and fair reviews one by one,While affirming the results of the results,pointed out the current shortcomings and gaps,and make a clear deployment on the next work,Puted specific requirements。

The meeting pointed out,2023,The group is close to the center of "scale benefits",Top pressure forward、Difficulty for Entry,Obtain "Diverse Energy Development、Digital empowerment is continuously deepened、Cultural revitalization and rejuvenation、Urban update is solidly advance、Capital operation steadily、The results of theme education are prominent achievements "and other significant results,Realizing 6.8 billion yuan in operating income throughout the year、Total profit is 250 million yuan,Complete 106%of the annual goals、125%; achieve an effective investment of 2.96 billion yuan、China Merchants Investment 3.05 billion yuan,Complete 106%of the annual goals、282%; as of the end of December,Total assets of the group、Net assets reached 21.3 billion yuan, respectively、9.3 billion Bet365 betting websiteyuan,Asset -liability ratio is 56.3%。The overall presentation "steady and good、Quick Middle -quality "development trend。

How to do well2024 work,Conference emphasized,One must cherish development opportunities,Second, we must persist first and break first,Third, the project is king,Fourth to do a good job of mass and gang,Five Thoughts of Tree Trees。Aspect of industrial manufacturing,To closely combine the group's own advantages,Active and China -China Cuolia、Huaoneng and other leading enterprises to cooperate,Promote the strong chain of the physical manufacturing industry 。In terms of energy development,To speed up the Ruian Energy Collection Station、Ruian No. 1 offshore wind power and other projects,Steady Promoting Sanyao Nuclear Power、Taishun pumping water storage and other items,Continue to follow up the second phase of China Resources Cangnan Power Plant。Digital empowerment,To accelerate the promotion of the intellectual calculation center project,Fully build the computing power and storage hub of Jiangdong, southern Fujian, south of Zhejiang。Investment management,Actively link the relevant departments and units,bet365 live casino and sports bettingStrive to make the "Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Heritage Park Project into a research practice education base for primary and secondary school students in the city。In terms of arts and crafts,Keeping both traditional skills,It is necessary to have the spirit of innovation,Taking the industrialization project of the kiln and the Wenzhou Arts and Crafts E -commerce Live Center as the breakthrough,Through inheritance of tradition、How to integrate into the times,Let Excellent Culture Services Contemporary Life。Aspect of party building of state -owned enterprises,We must vigorously build the characteristic brand culture of "party building+operation",Further do a good job of further co -integration of party building brands and production and operations,Effectively lead the company's high -quality development with high -quality party building。Team building,To establish "focus on practical performance、Inspirational responsibility "is a clear use -oriented,Further cultivate the selection of "three cows" cadres,The thick foundation of the sustainable development of the company with a strong talent team。In terms of safety development,Bet365 app downloadBe sure to do a good job of party style and clean government、Safety production、Letters and visits to maintain stability and other work,Make sure that high -level security escort high -quality development。(Group Office)

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