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Municipal Industry and Energy Group held a comprehensive and strict party work conference in 2023

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morning August 4,Municipal Industry and Energy Group held a comprehensive and strict party work conference in 2023。Members of the leadership team of the Group,Group subsidiaries、The main person in charge of each department and more than 40 people attended the meeting。​​The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xianhong, full -time deputy secretary of the party committee of the group。

will be on it,Quick Deer Group、Switching Company、Bet365 betting websiteQuick Deer Group、Operation Company4 units made exchanges and spoke。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Chen Xiaowei comprehensively governed the party in the first half of the year、Comment summarizing the development of party style and clean government and the development of political ecological construction,Make a clear deployment of work tasks in the second half of the year,and require the following five aspects of work: one must continue to increase the party in the strict governance of the party; the other must be more achieved in the "three non -rotten"; third The audit is accurate; fifth to the iron army forging the blade inward,Accelerate the construction of a clean and honest new era in the new era。

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong how to advance the comprehensive and strict governance of the party,The responsibility Bet365 app downloadsystem for the construction of the party style and clean government is emphasized:bet365 live casino and sports bettingFind the point -to -point force point around the work of the center,Integration and quality of innovation and quality,Integration with the vitality of the release of the enterprise,Fusion with optimizing corporate governance,Realize the construction of party style and clean government with the high -quality resonance of enterprises with high -quality development、Deep fusion,Make sure the group development"Double Promotion, Double Promotion".The second is to focus on brand promotion,Perseverance to build a clean state -owned enterprise height。To build a new era of clean and high land,Continuously cultivating a demonstration benchmark for clean state -owned enterprises,Actively build a three -dimensional linkage supervision network,Fully forge the political quality is too hard、State -owned enterprise iron army with strong business level,Continuously improve the integrity of the group's integrity of the granules、Leading advantage、Brand recognition。Third is to focus on the wind and treat rot,Specimen and Treatment of the "Three No" comprehensive effect。The inner connection of "dare not", "can't", "don't want" inner connection,Strengthen the deterrent force of "dare not rot",The binding force of "cannot rot" and the appeal of "don't want to rot",Treatment of corruption for the development of obstacles to the group with strong positive wind。

The meeting also conveyed the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Plenary Session of the Municipal Party Committee,Research and deployment of the group's next step to implement the work。

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