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The 2023 floating offshore wind power conference hosted by Wenzhou Bet365 app downloadIndustrial and Energy Group was successfully held

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July 29,"List,Leading Tide,Leader,Leading "The theme of 2023 Floating Marine Wind Power Conference was successfully held。This conference is by Wenzhou Municipal People's Government、China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association Maritime Wind Power Branch、Hosted by the State Wind power Power Engineering Technology Research Center,Wenzhou Bet365 app downloadIndustrial and Energy Group and other units jointly organized。Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Zhang Zhenfeng to a welcome speech,Deputy Mayor Wang Zhenyong,City relevant departments、The person in charge of the county and city governments、Zhu Zurong, Chairman of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Nan Qi and others attended the conference。

The meeting set the opening speech、Mother speech、The theme report and the round table dialogue:,Invited all parts of the countryExperts and scholars in the field of offshore wind power in more than 1,000、Entrepreneurs、Leaders of Industry and other industries in the R & D unit,Development of Wind Power Planning around the far sea、Floating offshore wind power survey design、Pneumatic-Water Power-Control Key Technology、Engineering construction and other categories,Industry policy、Engineering experience、bet365 live casino and sports bettingTechnical development and other aspects to interact and communicate,Multi -dimensional explore the opportunities and challenges facing floating maritime wind power development,Share the latest research results and innovative concepts,Help industry development and cooperation。

In recent years, Wenzhou Industry and Energy Group has always anchored"Carbon Dafeng、Carbon neutralization "target,Tightly grab energy green low -carbon transformation opportunities,Integrated model of "resources+industry" and Jinfeng Technology、Yunda Co., Ltd. and other head enterprises and Huaneng Group and other central enterprises cooperation,Coordinating the development of the hole、Ruian、Pingyang、Cangnan and other places offshore wind power projects,Accelerate the construction of a full chain of "nuclear landscape water storage hydrogen storage" in the bet365 live casino reviewnew energy industry,Realizing the capacity of equity installed 3.5 million kilowatts,ranking first in province's prefecture -level cities,Fully promoting Wenzhou to build a national new energy production center and application demonstration city。Next,The Group will take the development of large -scale floating offshore wind power as the goal,Long -term plan,Order development,Gradually advanced from the shallow sea to the farce of the sea,Jointly promote the innovation and application of floating offshore wind power technology,In order to actively promote the development and construction of new energy projects to show the responsibility of state -owned enterprises,Contribute the power of state -owned enterprises for the construction of a sustainable green energy system。(Energy Company)

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