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According to the provisions of the "Announcement of the Announcement of the State -owned Enterprise in Wenzhou in 2024" and the written test、Total results of the interview,OKSlotter -sized medical examination personnel, please refer to the attachment "In 2024, a list of state -owned enterprises in Wenzhou, a list of stakeholders in the society publicly recruiting staff, was shortlisted for the medical examination personnel "。Physical examination was performed on February 5, 2024 (Monday),Please keep the medical inspection personnel unblocked,The place of medical examination Bet365 app downloadbet365 live slot machinewill be notified separately。Notification of the relevant medical examination -related matters as follows:

1. Carry my valid ID card, recent photo -free one -inch photos1 card,Participate in the medical examination on time,Family accompanied by family members。If you do not go to the designated place on time, you can automatically give up the process。

2、It is strictly forbidden to make a fake、Anti -name,Discover the top alternative,Cancellation of physical examination。

3、Communication tools carried by candidates,It must be handed over to the personnel of the leader to keep the control,Receive it after the physical examination。During the medical examination,If the candidate is found to bring the communication tool with him,Treatment by disciplinary violations。

4、Candidates should fill in the medical history in the "Physical Examination Form",If the history of the medical history affects the results of the medical examination,Consequences。

5、Within three days before the physical examination,Please keep a normal diet,bet365 live casino and bet365 live casino reviewsports bettingDo not drink alcohol,Avoid strenuous exercise。

six,Blood and abdomen need to be performed on the day of the medical examinationB -ultrasound check. Please fast for 8-12 hours before being inspected.

7、liver、Bold、spleen、Pancassier ultrasound inspection requires an empty stomach,Bladder Uregus、Prostate and uterine attachment color Doppler ultrasound examination should keep urinating。

eight、Inspector of the urine,Please put the stool specimens and the test alone on the table at the door of the medical examination center。

Nine、If you are taking hypertension now、Diabetes and other drugs。Please continue to take,and inform the medical examination doctor (Do not take hypoglycemic medicine on the morning on the day of the physical examination)。

ten,Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant are subject to the examiner,Please tell the medical staff in advance,Do not doX -ray, CT, etc., women do not do uterine cervical scraping.

eleven、Female examiners during menstruation,Please do not do gynecological、feces、Urine examination,After the menstruation is completed, replenishment,bet365 live casino and bet365 live casino and sports bettingsports bettingUnmarried women do not do gynecological examination。

Twelve、Please cooperate with the doctor to carefully check all items,Do not miss the check。If you automatically abandon an inspection item,will affect hiring。

Thirteen、Physician can be based on actual needs,Add the necessary correspondence、Inspection items。

fourteen、Candidates must obey the management of the team during the medical examination,Do not ask medical staff and staff to ask the medical examination results,Do not leave without authorization。

fifteen、There are frauds or other disciplinary violations during the physical examination,Treatment according to relevant regulations。


Annex: List of shortlisted medical examination personnel.pdf



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January 30, 2024

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