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According to the requirements of the "Announcement on the Public Recruitment of State -owned Enterprises in Wenzhou in 2024",Study, set toPerform physical test on January 25, 2024,and qualify for qualified tests for physical test。Notify the relevant matters as follows:

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2024yearJanuary 25Day(Thursday) Afternoon14:00

2. Place of physical fitness testing and qualification review

bet365 live casino and sports bettingBet365 betting websiteLucheng Defense Education and Research Camp (Shangqin Road, Fengmen Street, Lucheng DistrictNo. 45)

3, physical fitness test project

Sitting on your back (only tested once)30 meters × 2 snake running (can be tested twice,Take the best score),For details, please refer to the attachment "physical fitness test project and standard"。

Four, physical fitness test list


5. Qualification review

(1) Qualification review is only qualified for physical fitness testing.

(2) Please bring your valid ID card on the front and back, academic degree certificate(Affiliated Network Authentication,abroad、The degree or degree obtained overseas must be certified by the Ministry of Education's degree certification center)、Household registration certificate (hukou book)、Retired certificate or national retired soldiers' bet365 live slot machineBet365 app downloadpreferential treatment (provided by veterans) and other related materialsOriginal, copyParticipate in review。Certificate (proof) incomplete or provided (proof) provided by incomplete or qualifications,No interview。

(3) After the review is passed,Receive the "Interview Notice",and according to the time specified in the "Interview Notice"、Location and other requirements to participate in the interview,Overdue deemed to be automatically abandoned the interview qualification。

6. Note

(1) Please apply for the original and review materials of the applicant to bring the valid ID,Early15 minutes to sign in,Those who have not been signed in at 14 o'clock are deemed to be abandoned。Vacuum quota no longer supplement。

(2) Participate in the physical fitness test,Please wear sportswear、Sports shoes,Do not bring valuables,Please do not bet365 live casino and sports bettingbet365 live slot machinetake an empty stomach or excessive diet,On -site compliance test discipline,Oly -obeyed the unified arrangement of the staff,If there is a bad physical condition in the middle of the test,Should explain the situation to the staff in time。

(3) It is strictly forbidden to fake fake、顶,Once discovered,Cancellation Qualification。


Annex: physical fitness test items and standards.pdf



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January 22, 2024

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