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The group carried out "Flower Flowers Like Jinhan Mo Fragrant Fragrance" Coffee Salon Calligraphy theme activity

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To further promote the excellent traditional culture of China,Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees,5month9Day afternoon,Group Trade Union、The Women's Federation organizes the theme activity of "Flowers Light" Dongyu Industrial Heritage Park in Dongyu Industrial Heritage Park,Group60The remaining employees rush to this classical and modern cultural feast。

I. Tuan Fan Calligraphy Creation

Tuan Fan is a traditional Bet365 betting websiteChinese bet365 live slot machinehandicraft,Calligraphy as a symbol of national culture,The combination of the two is not only the fusion of the pen and ink,It is a fusion of words and art。Tuan Fan Calligraphy Creation Line,Teachers of the lecture first explained the basic knowledge of calligraphy,From ancient Oracle、Golden、Seal Book、Lishu to modern regular script、Book,I introduced the development and evolution of calligraphy fonts and changes in style。Under the guidance of teachers and group calligraphy enthusiasts,Starting to write on the fans of rice paper,Everyone communicates the experience while creating,Feeling the fun of writing the group fan。Seeing the fan of your own hands,Employees' beauty of the artisan carrier carried by group fan calligraphy works、Cultural Gene、The art language has a close distance、Video -like feel,Holding a photo of a fan after a photo。

2. Coffee salon

After receiving the baptism of traditional culture, enter the coffee"Home"。Professional coffee teacher shared the coffee culture Bet365 betting websitebet365 live slot machineknowledge in detail,He let everyone taste the mellow fragrance of coffee with olfactory,Let everyone taste the wet fragrance of coffee with taste。One time,The aroma and laughter fill the entire event scene。Subsequent,Teacher vividly explained and demonstrated the tools for coffee pulling flowers、Process and skills,Demonstrate production steps for everyone。Under the careful guidance of the teacher,Everyone wipes his fists,grind beans、Extract、Milk Bubble,Then start the coffee cup,Gently shake the flower tank,Carefully outlines the patterns,A cup of coffee pulling works will be completed。A Han Yi shirt skirt,A cup of fragrant coffee,perfectly integrate classical and modern,Let the live employees experience the new experience that integrates Chinese traditional culture and modern trends。

3, Hanfu Show

Accompanied by melodious music,Theme activities are pushed to orgasm in the wonderful Hanfu performance。The most eye -catching bet365 live casino and Bet365 betting websitesports bettingis the opening dance performance "Caiwei",Dancer in Hanfu,Dance with the national style melody,The ancient style charm between the hands and feet is vividly displayed。The Hanfu display link with it,colleagues accompanied by day and night,Replace work outfit,Dressed in various Hanfu handheld group fans,Clothing with your companion、Divine Gift,Models in the relic park。Chinese Skills,Hua Mei Geng,Under the towering giant chimney,In the rust -colored spots of power generation equipment,The unique charm of industrial relics complement the beautiful Hanfu,Show the most beautiful romantic heart under the industrial hard shell。

This theme activity, in"The Light of Wenzhou" Dongyu Industrial Heritage Park was held,Let everyone feel the beauty of Chinese characters in Mo Xiang、Rhyme of Calligraphy,and pass "Hanfu+Coffee "innovative experience,Guide employees to appreciate the gorgeous sparks that collide with tradition and modernity,Further enhanced cultural bet365 live casino and bet365 live slot machinesports bettingself -confidence,Better shoulder the new era and new cultural mission。(Group Union)



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