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There is an appointment in Spring Day to go to Fanghua 丨 Enterprises directly under the Municipal Industry and Energy Group to carry out the "March 8th" International Women's Day celebration

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Yangchun March,Spring Blossom。To celebrate the "March 8" International Labor Women's Day,Further condense the power of the majority of female employees of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group in unity,Stimulate the spirit of struggle,Fully display the female employees of state -owned enterprises love jobs、Innovation creation、The style of improving the excellence,Group Trade Union、The Women's Federation organized units at all levels to carry out colorful、Bet365 betting websiteVarious Bet365 app downloadforms of celebrations。

The headquarters of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group headquarters launched the "Fanghua Bloom,Create the Future "theme activity,Multiple links such as the "Style Display Show", "Specific Hand Making Lantern", "Watching the Games",A total of more than 100 female employees participated。Another,The Group also organized female employees to visit "Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Template Park,Let everyone beBusy and nervousThe work of relaxing the body and mind,Leave an unforgettable holiday memory。The theme of the Wood Group with "Miao Hand Shenghua · Fanghua Eternal",Launched the eternal flower DIY activity,Send a special festival gift for female employees。Small smelting company held a "shared green plant Enjoy the spring meaning of plant aesthetics and potted DIY salon。Quick Deer Group "warm people's heart,Welcome to Kasuga Fang "as the theme,Carried out aromatherapy production、Three -catching and other activities。The operating company "to the party with the heart of the company,For the new era "as the theme,Carried Bet365 app downloadout bet365 live casino and sports bettinga special study、hand -made activities and volunteer activities。Energy company female employees gathered together,Celebrate this holiday that belongs to them,Carry out tea tasting、Flowers and other colorful activities。Industrial Information Company organized the "quiet listening to the rhyme,Spring Day Fengyou "series of activities-" Listening · Yin Yin Lecture "、"Sit and Shake the Ancient Ship"、"Xiang · Boil of Tea"、"Remember · Drop Beautiful",Go to the spring feast。Flour company organizes all female employees to carry out fragrance candles hand -made activities,Expissed a sincere holiday greeting to the company's women。Industrial Innovation Company with "Hot Spring Day,Hot Life "is the theme,Carried out collective movie viewing、Tea Society、"Hand Dance" and other entertainment activities。Pharmaceutical Company "Xiangshan Hong" Pool Station and Gulou Community jointly organized the "Blooming Fanghua Complex Body" 38 Women's Day theme activity,Invite community women and compatriots to share spring healthZhejiang Ou Company organized the Bet365 app download"March bet365 live casino and sports bettingMarch Spring Wind Beauty and Beautiful" Women's Day theme event。Jin Haiyun Company carried out the "Most Beautiful March Tian Tian · Happy Women's Day" on the beautiful line of beautiful bank,and actively participate in Dongtou District "Walking Hundred Islands Meeting Spring" Journey to Find Beauty。The Gongmei Academy Company organized the "dipping Danqing painting paper,Pick up the spring breeze of March "" March Eighth "Women's Day event。

Through colorful activities,Group female employees get sensing、Enhancement of happiness,more inspired them to invest in work with full mental state。Believe,In this bright and bright spring,Group female employees will also be as vibrant as spring,Ruwa is gorgeous and blooms。Next,Municipal Industry and Energy Group Union、The Women's Federation will continue to unite and lead the majority of female employees with a more high fighting spirit、More full enthusiasm、More pragmatic style,For the Group's High -quality Development Reinstance、Contributions to the power。(Group Trade Union、Office、Wood Group、Switching Company、Quick Deer Group、Operation bet365 live casino and sports bettingCompany、Bet365 betting websiteEnergy Company、Industry Information Company、Flour Company、Gongchuang Company、Pharmaceutical Industry Company、Zhejiang company、Jinhai Yun Company、Gongmei Academy Company

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