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Group subsidiaries launched the Lantern Festival series

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To enrich the spiritual bet365 live slot machineand Bet365 betting websitecultural life of employees,Enhance the sense of recognition and pride of the excellent traditional culture of China,February 22 to 24,The group's subsidiary carried out the Lantern Festival series of activities。

Operating companies host the Lantern Festival theme garden meeting,Zhejiang Corporation and Zhongjiao Highway Company to carry out the Lantern Festival guessing lantern in Dongyu Park,Industrial Information Company Carrying out the Lantern Festival theme manual DIY activity,Everyone feels the lively and warm bet365 live casino and sports bettingbet365 live casino reviewatmosphere of the Lantern Festival in a laughter,Deep experience of the charm of Chinese traditional culture。

Future,The Group will actively carry out various traditional holiday activities,Create a strong festive atmosphere,Enrichment of work amateur life,Contributing the power of state -owned enterprises for the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese culture。(Operating Company、Industry Information Company、Zhejiang Ou Company)

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