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The Group hosted the "Welcome New Year's Day" to the high -rise competition

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bet365 live casino reviewDecember bet365 live casino review23,Group holding the "Welcome New Year's Day" in Furong Mountain Forest Park,More than 50 employees participated in the event。The climbing line starts with the Furong Table of Furong,The end point of the Peking Furong Pavilion to the top of the mountain,Mountaineering Trail,475 meters above sea level,step 3200。

The form of a racing of this high -ranking competition,Let the employees feel the charm of sports competition,Feel the beauty of the natural ecology of Furong Mountain。During the climbing process,The bet365 live casino and bet365 live casino and sports bettingsports bettingbreeze in the mountains,Birds in the forest,Players, you chase me,Strive to climb,or encourages each other,or support each other,Tour step by step towards the top of the mountain。After fierce competition,The level of the game、Compared to the ranking。

This mountaineering competition is further enriching the amateur life,Promote the physical and mental health of employees、At the same time of strong body,Further enhanced the cohesion and direction of the enterprise,Let the cadres and employees Bet365 app downloadmake each other in the bet365 live casino and sports bettingnew year with full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit。(Group Union)

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