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The group carries out the "Live Winter Happy Winter Solstice" guessing

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In order to further promote the traditional Chinese Bet365 betting websiteBet365 app downloadfolk culture,Further enrich the group's cultural and sports education activities,December 22On the day, the group headquarters trade union carefully organized"Winter Winter Happy Winter Solstice "Guessing Words.

Activities around"Culture" theme,Including the party discipline and party rules in the setting of the lantern riddles、Clean Government Terms、CD -ROM、CD -ROM、CD -ROM、Domestic waste classification and other content,Mysterious Noodle Send People Think about,The mystery has enlightenment,Intellectuality、bet365 live casino reviewbet365 live slot machineFun、Educational nature。The activity has attracted many employees to actively participate、Discuss each other,Enjoy the festival,Experience traditional culture,The atmosphere at the scene is very warm。

In recent years,Group Trade Union actively organizes a variety of festivals,Not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of cadres and employees,Let everyone feel the warmth of the family in the strong festival atmosphere,It also created a good atmosphere for the re -evaluation of the group's follow -up city -level Bet365 app downloadbet365 live casino reviewcivilized units,Further promote the construction of spiritual civilization and then go to a new level。(Group Office、Trade Union

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