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Core values


Zhongxinyi, dare to take responsibility, and create first -class;


Believers, fromPeople, fromWord,It means that human words are faith,Because of the sound of words,Mortal speaks to be implemented to see people,The original meaning of the letterChengSolution,That is, no self -deception nor bully。,"I Ching" lectureLisa, Yi Zhizhi,Pay attention to the righteousness、Renyi,For the group to come bet365 live casino reviewto,Xinyi Nai Group's foundation。


Dare to take responsibility,Dare to take responsibility,Group as a state -owned asset operation platform for government investment and financing,While shoulder the transformation and development of the group,Be willing to bear the responsibility of the society,Contribute to the development of society。


Creating first -class,In the City Industrial System,Industrial Group must lead the trend,Must have advance consciousness,Being the TimesTide。Create a first -class leadership team,Create a first -class cadre team,Create first -class work performance,With great trust、Dare to take the gesture,Put it into actual action,To build a first -class industrial group。


Business purpose

Create value with your heart, change the pursuit of excellence;


Interpretation: The core work of the current stage of the Industrial Group,Summary to talk,One is development,1 is reform,bet365 live slot machineReform is to better develop,Development is to promote reform more strongly。The creation of value is the fundamental expression of development,Pursuit of excellence is the expected result of reform。Value is the value of society,It is also the value of self,It is the value of the group; the heart is the heart、Is the upper heart、Is the team heart。Create value,What you need is patience、Try to、There is still perseverance; change pursuit of excellence,What you need is the courage to break through the obstacles and perseverance of perseverance。Value should be created with your heart,Excellent pursuit of change,Persist in value creation and pursuit of excellenceFlying in the wingto realize the beautiful vision of happy industrial investment.


Corporate spirit

Corporate spirit:dedication, innovation, dedication, excellence;


mainstream culture

Entrepreneurship and innovation, build sharing together;

Service Brand


Let the old industry glow and let the new energy serve people's livelihood;

Service brands of various departments


★ Office: Pay attention to details, start with the heart;

★ Supervision and Supervisor Audit Office: Passion、Integrity service; seriously、Strict supervision;

★ Human Resources: People -oriented, serving it sincerely;

★ Finance Department: Integrity service, refining the image;

★ Investment Development Department: Innovative services, look at the future;

★ Energy Development Department: Improve quality, dedication and dedication;

★ Enterprise Management (Safety Supervision) Department: Grasp Safety,Increase income,Performance,Careful management,escort;

★ Reform and Stability Ministry: Broken difficulty, reform and development;

★ Organion Union: Create harmony and happiness, build employees' conscience;

★ Youth League Committee: Service Youth,Dedication Enterprise,Contribution youth,Achieve life;


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