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Bet365 app downloadTo defend the cultural values ​​of the group,Standardize employee professional behavior,Prevention and punishment of various types of violations and discipline,Strengthen the bottom line of organizations and personnel at all levels、Red line consciousness,Maintain the production of enterprises、Business、Management order and interests,Create clean self -discipline、Sunny and healthy ecological environment。

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Due to work needs,Now the disciplinary inspection and supervision department bet365 live casino and sports bettingaccepts any violation of the group's cultural values ​​within the group、Violation of the rules and regulations of the group、Damage the company's interests、Bad atmosphere、Discipline、For cheating、Reports of integrity and other issues。

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    No. 50, Donglong Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
    Recipient: Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office
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The company accepts real names and anonymous reports.

The company promises bet365 live slot machineto assume the liability for leaks caused by the company。Strict confidentiality of the information of the reporter,There are strict management and control systems and processes for the acceptance and investigation of complaint reports,and the personal information of the complaint reporters and all the reporting materials it provided,and the reporting acceptance situation is strictly confidential。

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