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Wenzhou Crafts and Crafts Research Institute (Wenzhou Crafts Master Building) predecessor is the Wenzhou Crafts Research Institute,Founded in 1962,I have received Peng Dehuai、Tan Zheng、Guo Moruo、Chen Muhua and other party and state leaders,Minister Guo Moruo wrote the name of my inscription。In 2009,and built a service platform for Wenzhou Crafts and Crafts Master Building,Let 15 professional research bet365 live casino and sports bettinginstitutes (studios) below,It is now a subsidiary of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd.。 

Main business

Master Building has 8 masters of Chinese arts and crafts,19 provincial arts and crafts masters,Master of Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts,25 high -level arts and crafts artists,There is also a huge team of famous artists。Six types of national intangible cultural heritage projects in the hospital: 瓯、embroidery、Byang wood carvings、Film carving paper (United Nations non -heritage)、Color Stone inlaid、Embroidery; Three types of provincial intangible cultural heritage projects: cross flower、Bamboo silk inlaid、Wenzhou Stone Carving; Two Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects: Li Fan Painting and Buddha Statue Wood Carving。There are more than 300 pieces of the existing collections of the Institute of Research Institute。

Development direction

Wenzhou Crafts and Crafts Master Building Platform is a public scientific research service platform,It mainly assumes the protection of Wenzhou bet365 live casino reviewarts and crafts、Inheritance、Innovation and talent training,Show the outside at the same time、Promote the traditional culture of Wenzhou Yueyue,It has now become one of the important positions for Wenzhou's non -heritage protection inheritance and cultural publicity and exchanges。Since its completion in 2010,At the Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau、Municipal Finance Bureau、Municipal Propaganda Department and other relevant departments under the strong support,Careful implementation of the Municipal Party Committee、The instructions of the main leaders of the municipal government,Pay attention to the platform to develop public information service functions。Inheritance of the city's arts and crafts skills、Protection、Innovation、R & D、Show the work at the same time,Leading and guiding the development of the city's arts and crafts industry。and actively organize the master building of the master building to create outstanding works to participate in the exhibition; carry out bet365 live casino reviewvarious forms of training,Especially the cultivation of leaders and the cultivation of the inheritor; through news media、Network、TV and other means to carry out the platform multi -angle、All -round publicity,Holding professional meetings and exhibition activities many times,In -depth mining and protection of key varieties and skills。Since 2012, it has been rated as "Zhejiang Province's Intangible Cultural Heritage Propaganda Display Base"、"Zhejiang Provincial Social Sciences Popularization Base"、"G20 Hangzhou Summit Best Partner"、"Wenzhou City Publicity and Interview Base"、 "Wenzhou Zhongchuang Space"、"Wenzhou Key Cultural Industry Park" and many other honorary titles。Blast wood carving and stone carving innovation team has won the honorary title of "Wenzhou Key Innovation Team",In 2019, the Master Building was awarded the "Wenzhou Wanren Plan Expert Building" brand。In 2019, it was adjusted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism into a national intangible bet365 live casino reviewcultural heritage representative project.。Wenzhou Fa Embroidery, which was declared by our hospital in 2020, was rated as a national non -heritage project。

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Address: Wenzhou Crafts and Crafts Master Building, 237, Ma'ansang East Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City

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