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Wenzhou Bet365 app downloadZhejiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly -owned company of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group Co., Ltd.,Originally named Zhejiang Real Estate Development United Company,Registered and established in April 1993,In 2002, it was renamed Wenzhou Zhejiang Real Estate Development Company,In December 2014, it was renamed Wenzhou Zhejiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.,Registered capital is 20 million yuan。The office location is located on the 6th floor of the No. 12 Machinery Building, 307 Lane, Liming West Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City。 

Main business

The company's main responsibilities are real estate development and operation; various types of engineering construction activities; general contracting of house construction and municipal infrastructure projects; construction intelligent engineering construction; printed equipment manufacturing; packaging dedicated equipment manufacturing; network Bet365 app downloadtechnology services; information technology; information technology; Consultation service; mechanical equipment research and development; mold manufacturing; non -residential real estate leasing; housing leasing; construction of public rental housing within Wenzhou City、Leasing operation management; urban greening management; sales material sales; sales of light quality building materials; sales of building decorative materials; property management; park management services; marketing planning; entrepreneurial space service。

Development direction

The company's main Bet365 app downloadwork responsibilities are: under the guidance of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group,Receive the original Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Group's divestiture and liabilities,The corresponding work responsibilities of the former Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Group except pharmaceutical (wholesale) and the original institutional personnel mechanism。Leasing management of property assets responsible for the peeling of the original pharmaceutical group,Sort and dispose of various historical leftover problems after the divestitudes of the original pharmaceutical group,Services and managing all diversion employees and retirees and retirees,Guide the daily business work of the subsidiary of the subsidiary。

Contact us

Address: 6th Floor, No. 12 Machinery Building, 307 Lane, Liming West Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City

Tel: 0577-88226566

Fax: 0577-88226566

Postcode: 325000