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"Old Xiangshan" was founded in the seventh year of Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1868),calendar for more than 150 years,It was started by Li's, Xiangshan Village, Ninghai Xiangshan (now Xiangshan Village, Hotel Town, Ninghai County)。Named "Xiangshan Hall" according to its place of residence,The post -easy name is "Lao Xiangshan"。1956,"Lao Xiangshan" public -private partnership,2008,Awarded the title of "Zhejiang Old" name,2009,awarded the title of "Chinese Lao Zee",and have been provinced、The relevant municipal departments rated as "Consumer Trusted bet365 live casino reviewUnit","No counterfeit and inferior medicine store","Advanced Collective of Provincial Medical System","Provincial Advanced Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine","Provincial high -quality service high -quality drug retail enterprises","Provincial Advanced Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine Drinks","Provincial User Satisfaction Store","Provincial Civilization Demonstration Store", "Gold Medal Old name", "Luxheng District Credit Demonstration Enterprise", "Provincial and Municipal Towel Civilized Post" and other honorary titles。

Register the "Lao Xiangshan" name in 1997; 1998,is the size of the "Lao Xiangshan" in Everbright,Give play to the "Old Xiangshan" century -old store effect,Convenient to buy medicine for the masses,The retail pharmacy owned by Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Company uniformly named "Lao Xiangshan",implemented "seven unified" pharmaceutical commodity retail chain operations; in 2004, on the basis of "Lao Xiangshan" chain operation,Formed Wenzhou Laoxiangshan Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd. (independent legal person enterprise)。Currently equipped with TCM、Dale Defraction、Free Bet365 app downloadChinese medicinal materials、Give -door and other high -quality services,It is a designated service agency in Wenzhou Medical Insurance,It is a state -owned pharmaceutical retail company affiliated to Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Group。

The company carries the cultural connotation of the pharmaceutical dealer who has explored more than 150 years of history,Always adhere to "integrity、Le Industry、Innovation、Diligence "business philosophy,authentic medicinal materials with genuine cargo and "sell medicine for good,Business Standards for Business Bank ",Famous in urban and rural areas in southern Zhejiang,Household name,The trust and praise of the general public。

According to the work requirements of deepening the reform of municipal enterprises in Wenzhou City,June 2020,Wenzhou Medical Station Industrial Company (hereinafter referred to as the company) is renamed Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as pharmaceutical industry company),The wholly -owned second -level state -owned subsidiary of the Municipal Industrial Group,Registered funds of 10 million yuan。

Company's current office address: No. 16, Yangong Hall Lane, Lucheng District, Bet365 betting websiteWenzhou City,Contact number: 88226566。

Company's internal structure: Comprehensive Office (Party and Mass Work Department)、Financial Assets (Property Right) Management Department、Property Management Management Department、4 functional departments including the Ministry of Investment Development。Set up a branch of Wenzhou Laoxiangshan Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd. (Medical Operation Center)。Two medical collective enterprises in charge are: Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Collective Store、Wenzhou Second Pharmaceutical Collective Store。

The company's existing 119 employees (of which: Company Like: 58 places,61 in Lao Xiangshan Chain Company)。

Main business

Company business scope: real estate leasing; operating management services for the assets of custody; economic information consulting service。

Development direction

The company's main work responsibilities are: under the guidance of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group,Receive the former Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Group's divestitudes of assets and liabilities,The corresponding work responsibilities of the original Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Group except pharmaceutical (wholesale) and the original institutional personnel bet365 live casino and sports bettingmechanism。Leasing management of property assets responsible for the peeling of the original pharmaceutical group,Sort out and deal with the various historical leftover problems after the peeling and transferring of the former Pharmaceutical Group,Services and managing all diversion employees and retirees and retirees,Guide the daily business work of the subsidiary of the subsidiary。

Contact us

Address: No. 16, Yangong Hall Lane, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City

Tel: 0577-88226566

Fax: 0577-88226566

Postcode: 325000