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Wenzhou Gongchuang Investment Co., Ltd. adjusted and Bet365 app downloadset up in June 2022,Registered capital 300 million yuan。The company insists on "industrial investment" as the basis,A two -wheel drive strategy featuring "industrial services",Mainly engaged in investment activities with its own funds,Help the group gradually transforms from "management assets" to "management capital"。Now,The company actively plays the role of "promotion and promotion",Around the city's "5+5" industrial development layout,Make a comprehensive strategic plan,Help regional traditional manufacturing high -quality transformation and upgrade,Contributions to the creation of "New bet365 live slot machineEnergy Innovation and Development of New Energy Innovation" in Wenzhou。

Main business

In terms of the new energy industry,Layout on the upstream and downstream of the "Scenery Hydrogen Storage" industry chain,Investment business involves photovoltaic、Energy storage、Lithium battery、Advanced Technical Materials, etc.;,Development planning around the advanced manufacturing industry chain and the group's Digital Xiaowei Park,Investment business involves including high -end valve manufacturing、Biomedical、Mechanical equipment, etc.,Promote the development of the local real economy。

Development direction

bet365 live casino reviewCurrent,Has passed financial investment、Equity investment and fund investment,Participate in Ruipu Lanjun,Cangzhou Pearl and other new energy track projects,Continuous layout of wheat field energy、Enterprises in the field of photovoltaic industry segments such as Zhengtai Xinneng,Help the Group to realize the new energy industry layout plan。

Contact us

Address: Room 106, No. 50, Donglong Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 0577-55598048

Fax: 0577-55598048

Postcode: 325000