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Wenzhou Flour Co., Ltd. bet365 live casino reviewwas founded in 1949,Previous is a state -owned Wenzhou Flour Factory,1951 Public Private Companion,In 1960, it turned to the entire people's ownership,From 1993 to 1996, he was combined with the municipal first grain warehouse and the third grain warehouse (Zhejiang Wenzhou National Grain Reserve).、Grain reserves、Emergency processing、Grain wholesale trading market and dock operations, such as diversified state -owned large -scale grain enterprises。In December 2010, it merged into Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd.。

Main business

Wenzhou Flour Company bet365 live slot machinecompleted the company's system transformation in July 2020,The current name becomes Wenzhou Flour Co., Ltd.。Wenzhou Flour Co., Ltd. is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd.,The office location is located on the 4th floor of the No. 12 Machinery Building, 307 Lane, No. 307, Liming West Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City。Registered capital 42.96 million yuan,About 70 people in the editor。

Development direction

The company adheres to "Integrity、Practical、Innovation、Dedication "purpose,We are market -oriented,Taking innovation as power,Survival Bet365 app downloadwith service,Seeking growth with development,It will be as follows,Drum fullness,Alone with the times,Pioneering Innovation,With high fighting spirit,Full enthusiasm,Creating innovative glory。

Contact us

Address: 8th floor of office building, Wenzhou 5050 Shopping Plaza, Wenzhou No. 235, Shuangyu Street Shoes, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 0577-55599976

Fax: 0577-55599976

Postcode: 325000