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Deliven power energy、Renewable energy、Development investment of new energy projects

Wenzhou Energy Development Co., Ltd. was established (its predecessor was Wenzhou New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.), October 12, 2011,Wenzhou Industrial and Bet365 betting websiteEnergy Development Group Co., Ltd., which belongs to Wenzhou Top Ten State -owned Asset -owned Operation Company,Wenzhou Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd.、Wenzhou Nuclear Energy Development Co., Ltd. 2 companies implement the office office。

The main responsibility of the group energy sector based on energy companies is responsible for the development and construction of the local energy industry (covering nuclear power、Coal Electric、Natural Gas Power Generation、Photovoltaic、Hydropower、Wind power、Maritime Wind Power、pumping storage、Construction of charging equipment and other fields),At present, it has invested over 3 billion yuan,The total amount of assets is 4.2 billion,Power generation capacity of equity power generation is nearly 3000 MW,The first of the prefecture bet365 live casino and sports betting-level cities in Zhejiang Province。

Main business

The main force of the energy sector of the state -owned state -owned enterprise,At present, 22 energy companies have participated in holding 22 energy companies,Investment built 2 wind power yields,17 distributed photovoltaic power generation projects,Multiple new energy vehicle charging stations。"Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period,Participate in the investment of Zhejiang Zhejiang Sanyao Nuclear Power、Zhejiang Nengleqing Power Plant III、China Resources Electric Power Wenzhou Power Plant II expansion project、Taishun pumping water storage、Sea wind power and other projects。

Development direction

The company always adheres to the main line of structural optimization,Promoting stock adjustment with incremental development,Explore new mode、New format,Bet365 betting websiteGive full play to the energy sector's corporate resource advantage,Increase the development of new energy investment。Wind power through steadily,Vigorously develop photovoltaic,Safety Develop nuclear power,Accelerate and optimize the layout of the new energy vehicle charging station,Focus on Expanding and Extending Hydrogen Energy、Energy storage and other related projects,Plan "Going Global",Try to acquire a group of high -quality energy projects outside the area of ​​Wenzhou City,Further to make a bigger energy section。until 2025,The energy sector where the company is located strives to achieve the increase in the installation capacity of equity to 5000 MW,Among them, clean energy accounts for 45%。

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