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Wenzhou Dongyu Power Plant Organic Renewal Project II project ("Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Restaurant Park),Located in Dongyu Power Plant, Dongyu Power Plant, Lucheng District, Wenzhou,Project scale 152,000 square meters,Bet365 app downloadThe total investment of the project 1.848 billion yuan,Divided、Ⅱ Two standards for construction。Among them, the Ⅰ section started in July 2022,It is planned to be completed in December 2023; the II bid section started in November 2022,Planning to be completed in December 2025。

"Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Restaurant Park as a key project,Around "The youngest bet365 live casino reviewconsumer center、The most fashionable design center、The purest energy museum "three major functional positioning,Fully build a new landmark and organic update new benchmark,Wonderful butterfly changes to the "scar point" to "highlights"。