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I. Digital economy:

(1) Wen Gongyun

Wen Gongyun is a cloud service platform built by Wenzhou Industry and Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.,Provide specifications、Security、Credit data centers and Internet operation services,Provide a high -quality cloud platform at the same time、Cloud computing and security products,Deliven for enterprises、Provide basic guarantee on the equipment on the equipment。Wen Gongyun uses the corresponding data center facilities,Provide Internet data center business,Provide users with virtual host lease、Host hosting、Space Lease、Export bandwidth proxy and other businesses,and expand it on demand through the Internet、Method of sharing use,Provide users with storage,Development environment for Internet bet365 live casino and sports bettingapplications、deployment and operation management services (cloud service、Cloud computing)。Wen Gongyun also provides Internet access service business,Use the corresponding software and hardware resources to establish business nodes,Provide services to all types of users to access the Internet。

(2) Doctor Innovation Workstation

ICBC Dr. Innovation Station was established in July 2022,and signed a contract with Dr. Wang Yongjun,Wang Yongjun obtained a doctorate degree from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2007,The research direction is statistical optimization and intelligent calculation,2009-2011 to engage in the post-Bo Ten post work at Tsinghua University Bo Shi Stations and Enterprise Workstations。He has participated in the research of 3 national natural fund projects and a number of "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" and "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" major special project research in oil energy exploration。Published more than 20 academic papers,Among them, the first author SCI retrieves 7 articles,I Retrieving 7 articles。Three items of the patent authorized by the invention of China,Accept 1 item。Company Ph.D. Innovation Station Dr. Team at the current main composition of 8 people,1 positive high 2 deputy high,2 lecturers and 3 engineers。The team has won 1 item of the Bet365 app downloadmajor scientific and technological innovation project in the city's industrial field,Provincial Department of Education General Research Projects 1 item,Based on this,The team will accelerate some patents、Scientific and technological innovation achievements such as softness,Help Industry Corporate Corporate Core Digital Products to Create Autonomous Intellectual Property Rights。

(3) Xinchuang Lab

Industry and Information Corporation and the Great Wall of China jointly established the Xinchuang Laboratory Wenzhou State -owned Enterprise Sub -Laboratory。Laboratory construction will be adapted and technical guarantee for the ecology of the Xinchuang system,Services for the SASAC information system Xinchuang,Promoting state -owned enterprise Xinchuang Ecological Update Express。At present, technicians in laboratory have obtained relevant Xinchuang product professional technical certification,With rich application research and development、Reconstruction adaptation and verification test experience。Laboratory Setting Exhibition Area、Adapted area、computer room and other areas,Divided into two parts of general and secret -related,Including server、Network equipment、Terminal PC、Operating System、Database、middleware and other products,Provide bet365 live casino reviewcustomers in various industries with adaptive and transforming support services,Including software and hardware adaptation environment provides、Technical training、Technical training、Application software adaptation, transformation, development support and other services,Provide environmental support and technical support and guarantee for the adaptation of Xinchuang applications for state -owned enterprises。

2. Industrial section:

(1) Longgang project

Longgang High -end Machinery Equipment Intelligent Park Project is the first government -enterprise cooperation project after the "withdrawal of the town to build a city" for Longgang,It is responsible for investment construction by the subsidiaries of Wenzhou Industry and Energy Group,The project is located in the XC-B17-A plot of Longgang New City、XC-B19-A plot,Located north of Xingke Road、East East of East Road、South of Industrial Avenue、Century Avenue west。Occasionally 70516㎡ (105.77 acres),There are 14 production plants、1 Comprehensive Building Center、1 supporting dormitory, etc.,Total construction area is about 116,000 square meters,The area of ​​measurement is about 140,000 square meters。The park adheres to high standards to build "advanced intelligent manufacturing、Digital empowerment、Customized Bet365 app downloadservice、Green Ecology "Future Industrial Park benchmark project concept,Dedicated to focus on the entire industry chain of the high -end machinery and equipment industry,​​Policy support、Precise Service,Construction "Digitalization with" printing and packaging equipment manufacturing+low -carbon energy saving+digital empowerment "、Green Demonstration Park "。

April 20, 2020,Longgang Municipal Government and the Municipal Industry and Energy Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement。Later, the preliminary study of the Longgang high -end machinery and equipment intellectual park project、Project approval、Plan design and other work。October 14, 2020,Plot of Picking Land by Public Paulsi,January 29, 2021,The project is officially started,The completion of the construction project of the park in November 2022,Simultaneous launching the park enterprise attraction、Park operation and other work,Realize the acceleration of government -enterprise cooperation。